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If you’ve fallen in love with the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, there are many ways you can join our cause:


Join the Creighton Model family and work to promote authentic women’s health!  The 13-month Practitioner Education Program prepares you to meet the needs of clients from a variety of backgrounds.  The Pope Paul VI FertilityCare Allied Health Education Programs are internationally recognized and provide comprehensive, professional training that equips CrMS Practitioners to service a broad spectrum of reproductive categories.

There are two education phases, two supervised practica and an On-Site Visit, providing education in both the basic as well as advanced aspects of this System. Only the education phases are done on campus; all other educational services are provided through an innovative system of long distance supervision and On-Site Visitation.  You can travel to Omaha, NE and be trained at the Pope Paul VI Institute, but if you would like to stay local, we are blessed to have an Education Program in here California held at the beautiful St. Anthony Retreat Center near the Sequoia National Park 30 minutes from Fresno.

For more information about the Education Programs, please click here.  You may also email Margaret Howard, CFCE to inquire about the California program at  We’d love to have you!


If you are already using Creighton Model, you’ve experienced the amazing benefits of this system!  Why keep it to yourself?  Every woman should know that it exists!  Please don’t be shy about sharing, especially if you’ve had a conversation with a woman who is dealing with infertility or miscarriage.  There are plenty of online resources that you can pass on to your family and friends.  You can also give Creighton Model sessions as a gift to your cousin who had always wanted to learn NFP or to your sister who is getting married next year.  Get creative…because it’s worth it!


Most dioceses have a referral list for natural family planning teachers in their area, but many parish communities continue to be underserved because their pastors are not aware of the local resources available to them.  Most marriage preparation programs also briefly mention the importance of learning NFP; however, there often is not a “go-to” teacher or practitioner for the couples to contact whose services are actively promoted by the parish.  It would be wonderful for your pastor to attend a Creighton Model Introductory Session so that he can be informed about CrMS not only as an effective method of family planning, but the medical implications of NaProTECHNOLOGY as well.  It is required for all engaged couples at our parish to learn a method of natural family planning before getting married, and those who have committed to the program are grateful for the exposure to such valuable information!


Yes, you can do this!  The format and agenda would be completely flexible – not every event is exactly the same.  Natural Family Planning Outreach has priests who do NFP missions and outreaches all over the country.  If it is within your parish budget, you can invite Fr. Matthew Habiger to give a talk about Church teaching on contraception and God’s plan for marriage, then follow it up with a Creighton Model Practitioner who can discuss the benefits of FertilityCare and NaProTECHNOLOGY.  People also love to hear testimonies from clients who have used the system, so you can ask a couple from your parish to share their story.

One of our friends, Fr. Mike Perucho, had hosted an event at his parish that began with a teaching from a pro-life doctor about the dangers of contraception and the benefits of natural family planning.  It was followed by workshops led by teachers/practitioners of the 3 mainstream methods:  Creighton Model, Billings Ovulation Method, and the Sympto-Thermal Method.  The participants were able to rotate through all the sessions and learn about the similarities and differences between the methods.  It was a great opportunity for the couples to get a better understanding of NFP and FertilityCare.

If you are interested in raising awareness throughout your own parish community and need to bounce ideas around, please feel free to email me at and I will be more than happy to be your sounding board!


Your gift to the Pope Paul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction will support further research in NaProTECHNOLOGY and advance the education programs that train CrMS Practitioners and Medical Consultants from all over the world.  There are several ways to make a contribution, and your donation will be tax-deductible.  If the Creighton Model and the work of the Pope Paul VI Institute has been a blessing to you and your family, you can also ask loved ones to make a tribute gift in your name for your birthday or special event in your life.  Click here to make your donation today!


Intercessory prayer is incredibly powerful.  CrMS Practitioners are on the front lines of the battlefield as we strive to protect marriages, strengthen families, and educate women about the beauty of their fertility.  Your prayers help us listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit in our work.  They help our couples bear the burden of trying circumstances.  They prepare our women to receive the miraculous gift of life in their wombs.  When you pray, you are just as active in this apostolate as we are!

If you would also like to offer Masses, rosaries, and/or novenas for our interns going through their Education programs and our clients requesting prayers for infertility, miscarriage, engagement, pregnancy, and diagnostic or restorative surgeries, your spiritual support would be greatly appreciated. (NOTE: Alias names will be used to protect confidentiality, unless clients specifically give us permission to share)

Please contact Marianne Dyogi, CFCP to register your email so we may add you to the FertilityCare Intercessors Team. May God reward you for your generosity!