So What Do You Do Again?

Diary of a Creighton Model Practitioner

What is a Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner? People see me post about my work all the time, but they probably wonder what exactly it is that I do. They figure it has something to do with a woman’s menstrual cycle, that it may be connected to with helping couples dealing with infertility, but while these things are definitely part of it, this work entails so much more.

Women who are training to become Practitioners go through an intensive 13-month program in order to teach their clients how to make mucus observations, record their observations on a chart, and manage any issues that may come up during the learning process.

Introductory Sessions are presented to inquiring single women and engaged and married couples, giving them a brief overview of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS). If they are interested in using the Creighton Model, they sign up for individual follow-up appointments with a Practitioner.

At the follow-up sessions, the Practitioner helps the couple identify days of fertility and days of infertility so they can use the Creighton Model according to their intentions to either achieve or avoid pregnancy. Most of the time is spent on teaching and assessing how well the client is using the system. Some women pick it up quickly, while others need a little bit more troubleshooting support. It’s important that the women never feel alone while they are learning CrMS, so the one-to-one teaching ratio is a great benefit. What’s great is that the husbands are encouraged to chart for their wives each night, so it’s helpful to double the brainpower when it comes to figuring out her cycle.

If certain biomarkers show up in the charts that indicate a risk for particular medical conditions – like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, low progesterone, subfertility, and miscarriage – our clients need to be referred to a Creighton Model Medical Consultant for diagnostic testing and treatment. It’s crucial that their charts are as accurate as possible so that our doctors can effectively apply the practice of NaProTECHNOLOGY, a revolutionary reproductive science that works cooperatively with a woman’s fertility. In order for women to obtain the full range of care they need, we Practitioners have to make sure they’re making all their observations, charting them correctly, and following all the instructions they’ve been given.

I always make myself available via text, phone, or email if my clients ever have questions between follow-up appointments. Sometimes they feel bad because they know I’m busy with 3 kids of my own, but it usually only takes just a few minutes to respond. I really want them to get it. Their health depends on it.

My favorite part of being a CrMS practitioner is the conversations with my clients about their marriages and their families. They let me in to very private aspects of their lives because oftentimes their erratic cycles are a reflection of the stress that they’re going through. As a Practitioner, I’m pretty much an unofficial counselor – as you’ll see in my future posts. Little did I know before signing up for training how much resilience, compassion, and patience was required for this job. I’ve laughed and cried with my clients, coached them through communication issues, and done some pretty deep soul-searching with them as they open up about the different life challenges they’re facing.

When I started out, I could only imagine the incredible rewards I would get out of being a Practitioner. Now every time I walk into the office, I expect nothing short of AWESOME experiences. Meeting a baby born to a couple who were previously told they were infertile…watching the light bulb go off when a client has finally mastered the system…seeing the husbands jump in and support their wives…knowing that our women are getting answers through authentic health care from CrMS Medical Consultants working to restore their fertility. It’s not always easy, but I leave each appointment changed. My convictions only get stronger through all the confirmations that I’m part of something so valuable to women’s health. And hands down – my clients teach me how to be a better wife, mother, and Practitioner.

Now for my shameless plug: We’re on the lookout for more generous people who want to hop on the CrMS Practitioner bandwagon and join our Creighton family. Could this be your mission, too? Answer the call…women everywhere need you!

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